Welcome to NiagaraTryDry

We are the only small scale dehydrated fruit processor in Ontario. As there is very little information available on how to dehydrate fruit on a commercial basis, we have spent a number of years developing a business to produce a value added Ontario fruit product that is growing annually.

We farm our orchard in Beamsville from bloom to harvest, as well as do all of the processing, packaging, and sales of the finished product. We grow and process cherries, apricots, peaches, pears, prune plums, apples, white seedless grapes, cantaloupe, and roma tomatoes. From those crops we produce 26 different products.


We began experimenting with dehydrating Ontario fruit in 2009 and during the next 2-3 years we determined which varieties dehydrate best for taste, appearance as well as the process of how to produce the end product without the use of sugars, oils, or preservatives. In 2011, we had our orchard varieties figured out and began planting and we purchased our first commercial dehydrator.

Though we do not use additives, we do use a diluted lemon juice bath before dehydration for some of our fruits so that they keep their colour during the drying process.

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