Welcome to NiagaraTryDry

After a sudden, intense hail storm in 2009, which severely damaged our crops, I started to play with dehydrating some of what remained. Over the past two seasons I have developed and improved methods in dehydrating local fruits without the use of preservatives. I grow 90% of what I dehydrate and purchase the remainder from local growers.

I process all of the fruits differently than what one would find at the “Bulk Barn”. I use 100% locally grown Niagara Peninsula fruit and the product is All Natural with No Preservatives. The product is washed, sliced, and processed in an inspected kitchen. The apples are dipped in lemon juice to reduce discolouration, although some varieties do oxidize more than others. Something else that is unique to my product, in the case of apples, is that I process and package the apples specific to variety. As with fresh apples, customers have a preference in taste with dehydrated apples as well. One other difference in the apple product is that I remove more moisture from them than normal, leaving them with a somewhat crispy texture.

I also process and sell tender fruits such as cherries, peaches, pears, and apricots, as well as tomatoes for the upcoming season.

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